Baxi Heating releases white paper on urgent need for UK school heating refurbishment to set buildings on the path to net zero

Taking immediate action to refurbish ageing school heating systems is vital to put ‘hard-to-tackle’ educational buildings on the road to the future of heating, according to a new report by Baxi Heating.

The ‘Refurbishment of School Heating Systems’ white paper comes on the heels of the UK government’s announcement that it will legislate a new target to reduce emissions by 78% by 2035, as part of a new Sixth Carbon Budget.

The report:

·      identifies drivers for improvement

·      encourages holistic systems thinking

·      outlines the benefits of modern heating technologies and techniques

·      aims to deliver optimal efficiencies for improved outcomes and progress towards net zero.

The urgent need to reduce emissions from heat in UK buildings is particularly pressing in the education sector. Many of our schools are ageing and their heating and hot water systems have seen better days. The report reveals that around 65% of school buildings were constructed before 1976, 46% were built before 1966 and the rate of new school construction is low. The existing stock will therefore continue to overshadow the sector for many years to come.

The UK government has recognised the issues with a ten-year school rebuilding programme. It has also included schools in the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme to help them install energy efficiency and low carbon heating measures.

But schools embarking on a heating refurbishment programme often face a range of challenges – from poor insulation to overheating – that make use of some alternative technologies very difficult.

The white paper reveals that 57% of England’s schools have faulty boilers or heaters that add an unnecessary financial burden for this sector. The Carbon Trust Whole School Approach to Energy Savings report estimates that UK schools could save £60 million annually through improved energy management, including upgraded heating and hot water systems – often the most significant energy users in school buildings.

The report aims to deliver better outcomes for students and teachers, with reduced operational costs, through a focus on systems thinking from design to installation – and to make important strides towards the UK’s emissions reduction target.

The ‘Refurbishment of School Heating Systems’ white paper is available for free download from: