Autoflame Engineering honoured with Queen’s Award for Enterprise

Credit: Autoflame Engineering, 2020. Mk8 EGA EVOs installed on steam boilers at an NHS Hospital site in London. Autoflame Service & Support have maintained and upgraded this site for over 35 years, with Steve Kemp himself installing Mk5 generation Autoflame controllers in the early 90s. Since then, the site is equipment with Low NOx, hydrogen ready Limpsfield Burners and Autoflame Mk8 MM controls and Mk8 EGA Evos.

Autoflame Engineering are delighted to announce that the company has been honoured with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category. 

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are among the most prestigious business awards in the World, recognising and celebrating business excellence.

Founded in 1972 by Brendan Kemp, Autoflame Engineering, which is in its 50th year, designs, and manufactures combustion management controls, offering precise intelligent control, focused on driving down costs and emissions for both commercial and industrial combustion burners.  

The company has successfully exported across 6 continents to more than 50 countries worldwide, and its installations are successfully supported by its network of over 140 “Tech Centres.”

The award, which is valid for the next five years, is in recognition of the Mk8 EGA Evo, an Exhaust Gas Analyser (EGA) developed by Autoflame Engineering.   

Director, Steve Kemp, at the BK Labtech Training Facility, with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation honoured Mk8 EGA Evo, an exhaust Gas Analyser invented by his father, Brendan Kemp, who incorporated Autoflame Engineering 50 year ago this year. Credit: Autoflame Engineering, 2022.

The EGA monitors exhaust gas emissions to comply with environmental regulations and help to reduce fuel usage & emissions.  With a controls and burner upgrade, customers can see a reduction of fuel bills, with a typical saving of 10-15%.

The Mk8 EGA EVO completes Autoflame’s product portfolio with considerable competitive advantage by providing closed loop trimming of burner combustion to maintain peak efficiency and at the same time providing all the required reporting capabilities for emissions monitoring.

The analyser measures and records the fuel levels going in, together with the emissions coming out allowing operators to alter the combustion to keep it as efficient as possible. By keeping an accurate log of all several emission exhaust gases for your boiler, the EGA can issue a report on emissions over a set period utilising an easy-to-read table format, eliminating guesswork on what an boilers carbon footprint is and how fuel is being burnt.

Installation of an Autoflame Mk8 MM and Mk8 EGA Evo on a 500BHP Johnston steam boiler and burner at a textile factory in Peru. This installation was carried out by AC Calderas, an Autoflame Technology Centre. Credit: AC Calderas, 2020

The EGA can also be used to feed back its readings to an Autoflame Micro Modulator (MM) boiler controller allowing precise adjustments to be made to the fuel/air ratio (trim) of the burner for optimised performance, including:

  • Simultaneous and continuous sampling of up to six exhaust gases (O2, CO2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2) at a fraction of the price of alternative systems.
  • Enables Three Parameter Trim control in MM Controller for improved fuel efficiency and emission reduction.
  • Built-in CEMS Auditing software, creating user-definable reports based on:
    • Total weight and volumetric emissions.
    • Weight/volumetric emissions per exhaust gas.
    • Logging data for up to 3 years
    • Safely setting limits for harmful extract gases

Autoflame Engineering have a proud association with the Awards, this is the fourth time the company have won, having been previously successful in 1996, 1997 & 2007, in the Export, Environmental and Innovation categories.

Steve Kemp, Director of Autoflame Engineering commented, “R&D is a key element of our business strategy – an ever constant. We invest on an ongoing basis, and that continuity allows us to benefit by delivering tomorrow’s cutting-edge technology today.”

Continuing, SK stated, “the latest EGA totalises the greenhouse gas emissions, providing the end user with an exact carbon footprint. Establishing this data is the first step in a planned reduction of carbon emissions. Our in-house teams are always looking to push our technology to its limit – enabling our customers to benefit from ever more precise controls, which in the current climate of rising fuel costs can represent a significant monetary advantage.” 

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