Tuesday, December 7, 2021
distributed energy exhibition


EV charging infrastructure

With tanker driver shortages in September and October 2021 resulting in queues for petrol and diesel, thoughts have turned inevitably to those vehicles seemingly...

Use and waste less energy – reducing consumption ultimately reduces costs

2050, 2030, Energy-efficiency, Net-Zero, Carbon-Neutral, Positive/Negative Emissions, Clean Growth, Climate-Concern/Change/Emergency. If, as I am, you are concerned that words of this sort have been part...

Buffer storage tank – the ideal way for efficient CHP heat utilisation

When planning a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) project, heat utilisation plays an increasingly important role in the UK. This is not least due...
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Switching to EV? What you need to consider

As queues snaked into petrol station forecourts around Britain this autumn, the idea of an electric vehicle fleet must have seemed more attractive than...

Energy Supply

Are poor labour practices lurking within your supply chain?

Adam Whitfield, quality assurance and audit programme manager at supplier information and supply chain management firm, Achilles The utilities industry is in the midst of...


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