Industry-targeted energy audit services help optimise thermal utilities and production.

For companies seeking to make their steam systems as efficient and sustainable as possible, there is no shortage of expert advice. Spirax Sarco’s divisional energy services manager EMEA Martin Corkery and global portfolio manager for services Sakis Palavratzis provide the details.

Companies face many environmental sustainability challenges for their steam systems.

These include:

  • • Optimisation of steam, energy and water demand
  • • Reduction of the steam, energy and water intensity of their products
  • • Reduction of carbon footprint
  • • Increased efficiency
  • • Legislative compliance
  • • Achieving consistent end-product quality and productivity.

Finding the right knowledge partner is critical to help achieve sustainability goals

Many companies have established Energy Management Systems that integrate their energy management into existing business systems. This enables them to manage their energy and achieve sustained savings more effectively by establishing policies and procedures to systematically analyse, improve and monitor energy efficiency.

Whether a company is certified to energy management standards such as ISO 50001 or simply deploying the associated principles, Spirax Sarco provides holistic support for every phase of their steam system sustainability challenges in accordance with their specific requirements – whether it is planning, engineering or operational management including service, maintenance and monitoring.

ISO 50001 is a voluntary standard premised on establishing a holistic energy management approach that considers organisation, technology and behaviour. It is underpinned by the four key principles of plan, do, check and act. Spirax Sarco support is aligned with these principles.

This includes providing tailored audits, which can range from a specific check-up of a single process to an entire steam system, including steam generation, water treatment, steam distribution, process applications and condensate return.

In consultation with the customer, engineered solutions for steam systems from end to end can be provided. These can range from high efficiency heat exchange and recovery systems to thermocompressors for steam recompression and recovery, energy storage and controlled deployment, and bespoke condensate recovery solutions, among others.


Accurate monitoring is a fundamental premise of any successful optimisation of steam systems. ISO 50006, for example, provides guidance to organisations on how to define, measure, monitor, and review energy baselines and energy performance. When the appropriate baselines and energy performance indicators are established they can be used to monitor energy performance and forecast future energy consumption, and referenced to determine corrective and preventive actions.

In line with these principles, expert advice can be provided on the sizing and selection of flow meters together with the design and engineering of installations for water, fuels, steam and condensate, as well as technical expertise and support and services to customers to design, implement and manage Energy Management Information Systems (EMIS).

Enhancing technical knowledge of steam systems assists companies to achieve and maintain more sustainable outcomes. Spirax Sarco offers courses suited to all levels of steam expertise and can tailor and deliver the training in one of its dedicated training centres, as well as online.

In conclusion

As businesses endeavour to meet their environmental challenges, the need for environmentally sustainable solutions is greater than ever. Customers can be assured that Spirax Sarco will support them whatever stage they are on in their sustainability journey.

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