Waterscan Launches Pioneering Water Self-Supply Service Ahead of Market Opening

Independent water consultancy Waterscan has secured a Water Supply and Sewerage Licence (WSSL) to bring a new water procurement approach to the marketplace. The company’s pioneering ‘selfsupply’ service will give non-household customers complete control over their water consumption and cost; enable greater savings by paying direct wholesale costs, ensure billing accuracy at source and, as a market participant, influence the marketplace – all with Waterscan’s full and independent support.

Neil Pendle, Managing Director at Waterscan, said: “Our focus remains, as always, to drive innovative ways to reduce our clients’ water consumption and costs. Holding a WSSL will support us in maximising the many opportunities that the open market presents for our clients while ensuring that we continue to provide the most complete, independent water consultancy service in the UK. Being able to offer self-supply, in addition to our existing procurement service, strengthens our ability to deliver our core values – save water, save cost and create value throughout the supply chain.”

With this inventive new service, Waterscan will have unprecedented real-time market intelligence to use for its customers’ benefit. By cleverly integrating its existing comprehensive Waterline© software system with the Central Market Operating System (CMOS), the company now has the unique capability to supply and receive accurate client data and to interrogate wider market data to drive savings. Furthermore, it can offer a genuine national service which will package up services across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, creating efficiencies across all multi-site operations.

Importantly, focusing on supporting clients with its self-supply or procurement tendering services, the company’s independent, customer-focused approach is retained. The implementation of strict confidentiality controls that have been approved by Ofwat further reinforce this position. These will see the formation of separate departments, ensuring that tender information is only accessible to clients and their assigned Waterscan procurement team.

Benefits across the whole marketplace are expected; as Pendle goes on to explain: “Our ground-breaking and multi-faceted approach to water procurement will drive the market on many levels. Self-supply customers and Waterscan can together play a big part in pushing wholesale charges down. And, with direct access to market data, we can build tailored evidence-based water efficiency strategies to help clients achieve their corporate social responsibility goals, ultimately creating further opportunities for investment in infrastructure and sustainability initiatives.”

To find out how your organisation could benefit from Waterscan’s unique approach to water procurement ahead of the market shake-up this April, call 01243 839 880 or visit www.waterscan.com.

Alternatively, register your interest in an upcoming breakfast briefing on the opening market and selfsupply by emailing info@waterscan.com