Water wholesaler and retailer performance in the spotlight at inaugural self-supply users forum

Representatives from self-supply licence holders and applicants Greene King, Whitbread, Marston’s and Coca-Cola European Partners have come together for the first time for an inaugural Self-Supply Users Forum (SSUF) meeting.

The Forum, designed to enable the self-supply community to engage directly with key market stakeholders MOSL and Ofwat, plans to meet quarterly to discuss issues, activity, performance, improvements and general updates on the market. It provides an opportunity to engage with the regulator and market operator – and, in future, wholesalers and interested bodies – to inform and lobby for change within the water industry.

Key themes discussed at the meeting were: wholesaler and retailer performance, switching experiences and discussion on any concerns the participants had. In addition, market consultation and code changes were raised, including the current consultation on the self-supply application process.

Gavin Worthington, Senior Procurement Manager at Greene King, said: “This Forum offered the perfect platform for engagement with Ofwat and MOSL and it gave a great opportunity to discuss performance of self-supply. The content was excellent and we found it valuable to be able to provide direct feedback.”

Wayne Boden, Senior Manager – Environment at Coca-Cola European Partners, Great Britain commented: “As the most recent self-supply applicant, the event was hugely beneficial for us in terms of understanding the experiences of those that have gone before us. This level of engagement will certainly support a smooth transition for our business.”

Neil Pendle, Managing Director of Waterscan which hosted the Forum, added: “The inaugural Self-Supply Users Forum has proved to be a great success with positive feedback from all involved. This level of customer interest in the water sector should be welcomed if the industry as a whole is to fully realise the opportunities that the open water market offers.”

The next Self-Supply Users Forum meeting will be held in March 2018 and is open to existing and new licence holders or applicants. There’s also an opportunity for those potentially interested in self-supply to attend an Open Forum following the Self-Supply Users Forum, during which they can meet and discuss self-supply first hand with existing Forum members. To express an interest, contact the hosts Waterscan on info@waterscan.com.