Want to reduce your carbon footprint?

With large landholdings, vast available roof space, significant energy demand and specific carbon reduction targets, universities and public sector organisations are well placed to develop renewables as a means of making energy savings and potentially generating an additional source of revenue.

Locogen are equipped with specialist knowledge of renewable sources including solar PV, wind energy, hydropower and renewable heat, all of which can reduce reliance on electricity from the grid and safeguard against rising electricity prices.

The investment in renewable technologies is a robust one for universities and public sector organisations, especially when the majority of the power is consumed on site or in the case of solar PV, uses freely available space and requires little to no maintenance. There are also opportunities to enter into power purchase agreements with developers who can finance the build and sell the electricity back at a reduced price. This is a low risk way to generate carbon savings and reduce running costs.

Locogen have considerable experience working with Local Authorities, NHS Trusts, universities and police authorities on renewable energy projects. This work has ranged from individual technology-specific projects to multi-technology strategy documents and framework agreements for the whole Authority area. The breadth of our experience with universities and public sector organisations means we understand how best to help our clients through the internal decision making stage and provide support during the public procurement process.

If you are an energy manager with carbon reduction targets for your university or public sector organisation – contact us.

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