Teesside University saves £300,000

33 Teesside-Univ-BuildingOver the last 6-years TEAM has helped Teesside University identify hundreds of thousands of pounds in energy savings.

The university uses TEAM Sigma monitoring and targeting software to help manage their billing data, AMR data and to create analysis reports. The software has been essential for detecting billing errors and discrepancies.

The University has 283 AMR meters on all buildings over 1,000 m₂ covering electricity, gas, water, heat, server rooms, plant rooms and chillers, outside air temperature and domestic hot water services.

Stephen Middleton, Access Control and Energy Management Administrator for Teesside University, said: “TEAM Sigma helped us to identify a major water leak and savings of some £20,000 per year. We put an AMR on our main water meter and discovered that we were using an extortionate amount of water overnight. An extensive investigation, which involved me smashing up a manhole cover on a Friday afternoon and weeks of searching, revealed a major leak below ground beside the Student Centre.”

The leak had been a problem for over 15 years, over which time has cost £300,000.