Photovoltaics is an extremely safe technology, yet some people still have unsubstantiated safety concerns. Rumours about burning houses that can’t be extinguished or firefighters who do not attack a fire if PV is involved put rooftop PV systems in a light they do not deserve. In fact, PV systems are of a very high safety level concerning preventative fire protection as well as operational safety and security in case of a fire.

According to a study by the BRE National Solar Centre, of the 1 million PV systems installed in the UK, approx. 0.0058% of these were involved in a fire incident, with the main causes being external factors like lightning or installation faults. This is a small figure if you compare it to 48%* of accidental dwelling fires in the UK from April 2019 – March 2019 were caused by cooking appliances.

Join world leading inverter manufacturer Fronius and a team of renewable, safety and insurance industry experts to look closer at the current situation regarding PV systems and fire safety in selected countries, and give an overview of the main reasons for arc faults in PV systems.

Standardisation committees all around the world are developing and adopting standards and guidelines in order to maintain and increase the safety of PV systems. During the day, we will take a look on already existing standards as well as standards currently under development and analyse their possible effects on the PV industry.

Date: 4th February 
Time: 10am – 4pm 
Location: Fronius UK, Maidstone Road, Milton Keynes, MK10 0BD

Get the hard facts from industry experts 

  • Presented by a team of renewable, safety and insurance industry experts
  • PV fire safety: facts and figures
  • PV fire safety: standardisation around the world
  • Look at case studies from different countries
  • Expert technical advice
  • Complimentary refreshments & lunch provided
  • Totally free event
  • Suitable for all renewable energy professionals

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