Saturday, July 20, 2024

Smart metering data moved to Microsoft Azure cloud storage

UK Power Networks’ smart metering data is to be stored in more resilient infrastructure that can also help the nation’s transition to Net Zero.

The company’s smart metering system has been migrated to Microsoft Azure cloud, safely and securely managing data for its customers’ four million smart meters. The migration was seamless with no impact on customers or the business.

Smart electricity meters allow customers to monitor their own electricity consumption and adopt energy efficiency measures. Information from the meters also allows Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) such as UK Power Networks to dynamically test the electricity supply and understand a customer’s daily energy usage.

Previously, UK Power Networks’ smart metering data was stored at a data centre, limiting scalability, as more and more customers use smart meters across London, the East and South East where the company delivers power.

80% of UK households should be using a smart meter by the end of 2025 under UK Government targets.

Smart meter data is pivotal to the country’s Net Zero transition. By using smart meter data, and the move to change the electricity settlement arrangements to a half hour period, energy suppliers will be able to settle their energy charges more quickly and accurately. This allows suppliers to develop Time Of Use tariffs (TOU), which encourage customers to use energy at off-peak times, to better manage demand.

Smart meters allow DNOs and its customers to better understand how Low Carbon Technologies such as Electric Vehicle charging points and heat pumps correspond with peak energy times, improving understanding of customer relationships with green energy connections.

Lizzie Donnachie, director, Azure, Microsoft UK, said: “We are proud to collaborate with UK Power Networks to support their digital transformation and commitment to Net Zero. By migrating their smart metering data to Microsoft Azure cloud, they can leverage the power of secure, scalable, and resilient infrastructure that enables data-driven insights and innovation for the benefit of their customers and the environment.”

Gareth Lewis, Digital Utilities Director at Siemens Advanta, said: “As a key delivery partner, we are delighted to extend our support to UK Power Networks, providing design, delivery and ongoing maintenance support services within this cloud migration. 

“We increasingly see the flexibility of the Cloud enabling leading utilities to accelerate innovation in their operations, as we move towards an ever more digitally connected world on the path to Net Zero”.

Dave Roberts, chief information officer at UK Power Networks, said: “We are delighted with the seamless migration to Microsoft Azure.

“Protecting our customers’ information is a key priority. By moving to Microsoft Azure, we can futureproof our systems to ensure we can manage our customer data in safe, secure and responsible way.

“Moving to the cloud is also a key step towards enabling the country’s Net Zero transition. By building capacity to manage the increasing data from smart meters, we are ready for the growth of smart meters and low carbon technologies including electric vehicles and heat pumps.”

For further information please contact UK Power Networks press office on 03301 591712.

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