See potential energy & cost savings with the new ROI tool

With the need to reduce energy consumption in all commercial buildings, upgrading the lighting is an easy and effective way to achieve this. Sylvania, one of the world’s leading lighting specialist, has launched an interactive tool designed to help end-users calculate those savings when used in conjunction with its innovative finance solution, LOGIC.

The new LOGIC ROI Tool enables users to calculate the potential energy and cost savings they can achieve by financing their lighting upgrade project with LOGIC, in a matter of minutes.

Users can simply state their industry, size of premises, burn hours, energy costs and type of lighting, and adjust their desired finance term to reveal an annual cost and energy saving. However, upon receiving their calculation, users can discuss alternative financing models for their projects with Sylvania.

Nick Clark, Global Strategic Development Director at Sylvania, says: “Lighting accounts for 39% of a commercial building’s total energy consumption1. However, 50% of lighting is deemed highly inefficient and with energy bills expected to increase by as much as 30% by 20302 businesses need to take action now. Firms running inefficient lighting can save, on average, 20% of their total energy bill simply switching over to less power-hungry LED sources and realise significant reductions in energy consumption to meet carbon reduction and energy saving targets.

“However, the upfront expenditure can be prohibitive for some companies, as can uncertainty with regards to both return on investment and performance. Sylvania’s unique approach to financing the purchase and installation of state-of-the-art lighting systems, LOGIC, helps companies to see even higher savings thanks to no upfront capital investment, attractive terms and a speedy payback period. With competitive financing, costs are broken down into manageable monthly payments, freeing up cash flow for companies to invest in new projects.

“We’ve designed the new interactive tool to provide a speedy, hassle-free platform to showcase the benefits of new lighting technology for companies and the resulting energy savings they can potentially enjoy, to turn lighting from an energy drain into a cash cow.”

Upon request, Sylvania will conduct an on-site energy audit in order to create a bespoke lighting solution for your building. The package can then cover the supply, installation and commissioning of the new energy efficiency lighting systems as well offering a maintenance programme.

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