SALUS unveils intelligent thermostat for commercial premises

For developers, specfiers and faciltiies managers of commercial premises, SALUS has unveiled FC600 – an innovative fan coil thermostat that helps reduce energy costs whilst providing adequate temperatures and thermal comfort. It can also be integrated into SALUS’s Smart Home range for advanced remote control of multiple devices.

FC600 is ideal for use in offices, hotels, workshops, warehouses, shops, farm buildings and even homes. Able to control both fan coil units and manage the temperature in the property, it is suitable for use with any combination of heating devices such as two pipe/four pipe fan coil units, a wall heater with fan, or a trench heater.

This multi-functional temperature controller provides various possibilities of use and can operate to suit individual needs. It can act as an occupancy sensor for buildings with key-card contact or as an external temperature sensor. In addition, it can provide manual or automatic changeover between heating and cooling. Also, with three variable fan settings to choose from, as well as manual or automatic fan speed control, this thermostat guarantees optimum efficiency and maximum comfort.

To optimise energy savings and controllability, FC600 can seamlessly integrate with other products in the SALUS Smart Home range. These include smart radiator controls, door/window sensors, and smart plugs for remote control management of electrical appliances and lighting. The can be achieved either by manual configuration or via the SALUS App.

Dean Jepson, SALUS’ European Managing Director, comments: “FC600 is an intelligent and intuitive device that facilitates integrated energy management and control of commercial premises. In conjunction with our Smart Home system, the owner or manager can remotely control several sites without having to visit each property individually, and effortlessly control one device or all connected devices in the building.

“For added energy savings, the thermostat also offers an ECO mode. It can be operated manually or via an external contact such as a window switch or key card switch,” adds Dean.

For quick and simple installation, FC600 comes preconfigured with standard ideal default settings. Bespoke settings can also be configured via an intuitive LCD touch panel or via the Smart Home system. To ensure a steady temperature, the thermostat also features an integral TPI (Time Proportional and Integral) system.

FC600 is available from SALUS’ nationwide network of merchants and distributors. Visit Alternatively, contact 01226 323961 for further information.