Remote Water Monitoring and Management in the Hebrides

Bell Flow were approached by a customer with a second home in the Hebridean Islands, which was often unoccupied and visited sporadically. They wanted to be able to monitor water usage remotely and set alarms to alert them of any unusual peaks in the flow which could indicate a problem.

Bell Flow offered a water meter and GSM data logging solution. Considering the high possibility of freezing temperatures and frozen pipes, Bell Flow offered a Badger RCDL Meter with a pulsed output. The RCDL, does not suffer frost damage if the water within the chamber freezes, unlike other types of meter.

We paired this with the Aqualink GSM Datalogger. The pulse output from the meter transmits to the Aqualink. The data is then sent to an online portal with secure customer log-in.

This ensures that the customer can view his water usage anywhere that has internet access. The Aqualink also has the ability to set a warning alert by SMS for excessively high water usage.

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