Reducing the environmental impact from heating boilers & not cost the earth

With everyone now coming out of lock down the Climate Emergency Declaration made by Parliament in 2019 has still to be addressed, all sectors are looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact and could also provide financial benefits.

Within hospitality, industry, public sector, and at home, keeping the heating on in the colder months is essential. A warm, cosy room is expected by guests, the public and staff as they work, check-in to stay for the night or just at home. A cold building like a hotel, Bed & Breakfast or home could see the fabrics of the building suffer or quickly see its TripAdvisor ratings go down.

Across all sectors with wet central heating and hot water requirements they all face the challenges of how to reduce carbon emissions. According to the Carbon Trust, just the hospitality and leisure sector accounts for over a third of the UK’s energy consumption. Heating, is so important to a guest’s overall experience, but it contributes to the company’s carbon emissions. Heating systems also account for up to 60% of hotel energy bills. So, how do you keep the heating on and reduce carbon emissions while still making a profit???

A new low carbon solution recently launched to commercial and domestic heat markets, The Hydro Genie System, works with existing and new, gas, LPG and oil heating boilers to lower carbon emissions & reduce fuel consumption by up to 35%* on commercial heating.

On domestic Heat boilers by up to 45%* depending on the system installed.

Retro-fitted to the flow and return pipe work of existing wet heating, the Hydro Genie System provides lower carbon emissions. Using proven, patented technology, to dramatically improve the heat transfer to the circulating heating water, this reduces the amount of carbon emitted and the fuel your boiler uses. To do this, the hydro Genie System uses its unique fluid dynamics to induce Henry’s Law, to the circulating water to remove the elements, which slow down the exchange of heat. The heat that is not being absorbed into the circulating water, is just going up and out the flue. The Hydro Genie System also stops rust and sludge from forming, it kills existing rust so that radiators provide up to 20% more heat, Radiators which aren’t giving out much heat will start to work again. The Hydro Genie System also has onboard dirt separation, to remove any magnetic and none magnetic dirt this can be emptied manually or automatically. Once the Hydro Genie System has removed the elements from the heating water as it passes through each of the Hydro Genie Units the fluid is slightly compressed providing a temperature lift of up-to 2-3 degrees, with out burning any fuel. The Hydro Genie System incorporates its thermal controls which regulate the now enhanced heat coming out of the Hydro Genie Units, overall this leads to lower carbon emissions, warmer rooms and much lower heating bills.

All whilst customers, enjoy their buildings achieving their set temperature quicker, happy in the knowledge that they are warmer, saving money and doing there part for the planet.

Not only can the Hydro Genie Systems provide lower emissions and running costs but the commercial systems can be fully installed with no up front cost with the financial savings paying for the servitised lease.

All Domestic Hydro Genie Systems and our Commercial Hydro Genie Systems will have there final assembly and dispatch done by our heroes at Scotlands Bravest Manufacturing Company.

*Tests carried out by Strathclyde Eco-Innovation Unit on a large secondary school using a 150mm Platinum Hydro Genie System & recorded a reduction of 39%* in Gas used.

*The Scottish Government funded SETN, in conjunction with the University of Strathclyde carried out a tests on a 3 bed house recording a reduction in gas used of 49.8%* using a 28mm platinum system.

Domestic Hydro Genie Systems are fully installed at 5% VAT