Rebel Energy Launches their Recruitment

Rebel Energy are going to revolutionise the Energy Supply market and you can become part of the Rebellion!

Climate17 are pleased to announce our recruitment partnership with Rebel Energy – a new-to-market energy supplier launching their business in Q4 2020.

Rebel Energy’s mission is to supply renewable energy to all. For a long time now, we have heard energy suppliers making commitments towards a fairer, more sustainable energy market. However, we have yet to see a product offering where price, quality of customer service and guarantee of origin mean everyone in the UK can access renewable energy.

Rebel Energy intend to change this. They pledge to act differently, transform lives and change society through supplying affordable clean energy to all. To ensure they live by their aims and objectives, they are a registered B-Corp, and have these guiding principles within the foundation of their organisation.

Dan Bates, CEO and founder of Rebel Energy, is seeking to hire people who want to disrupt the norm.

Dan has recently launched ‘Rebel Conversations’, and in his recent blog post talks of this being a ‘Kairos moment’ – a once-in-a-generation time to rebel against the way things are currently being done, do things differently, and change the way we do business forever.

Climate17 believe this describes the attitude we look for when hiring for Rebel Energy.

Rebel Energy is an energy company with a difference. They are looking to create a rebellion against the status quo, with a mission to support those who need it most, to help restore the planet and be ethical in everything they do.

Penelope Hope, Chief Commercial Officer at Rebel Energy, says “we are excited at the prospect of attracting new talent to our business. We want to reassure people that innovation, a pair of fresh eyes and different ways of doing things are not only welcomed but will also be acted on.” It is clear that action plays a key role in the way Rebel plans to establish themselves. They “want to prove that big business can be good business and help transform lives and change society.” Dan Bates describes this attitude as “walking the talk”: “many businesses are very good at doing the ‘talking’, but not so good about the ‘walking’ bit – and it’s important to us that we can demonstrate how we live our values in everything we do.”

One of the key aspects of working at Rebel is the way they see the employer-employee relationship, which is no longer based on power, but on collaboration, cooperation, and partnership. Rebel Energy truly want to reflect their values of “compassion, connection, curiosity, creativity, courage” in the way they build their core team from the start.

Penelope goes on to say “we are looking for collaborators, innovators and people who may have experienced some kind of disadvantage in their lives. Often recruitment is biased toward education and experience. We are interested in quality, of course; however, what’s even more interesting for us is people who may have had to struggle in their upbringing, personal or professional life.”

For those who are thinking of moving jobs and are looking for an opportunity with a company where social and environmental commitment drives business, Rebel is the place to go.

In Penelope’s words: “To anybody who has ever worked within an organisation and felt frustrated, who could see quicker, better ways of doing things but didn’t feel they had the power to make a change – we are the company for you. We want to welcome those who are freethinking, who do not follow the status quo but have their own ideas about how society, the environment and business can be changed for good.”

This is a unique opportunity to join a unique company from its start. It is not only about bringing change into your life, but also driving it for the future generations. Rebel Energy’s first recruits will be leaders in their own right within the business. They will be mentors, nurturing and supporting those coming after them. They will be “culture carriers,” responsible for leading and guiding other people in the Rebel culture.

Initial vacancies include Pricing Analyst and a Partnerships Sales Manager. However, Climate17 will be recruiting for a number of other vacancies for Rebel Energy over the coming months across Sales, Operations and Technology. Please do get in touch with Climate17 should you be interested in joining Rebel Energy.

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