Priva opens up remote access and digital building control for its Blue ID systems

Priva UK is supporting the current widespread demand for remote digital building management with remote access and use of Priva Building Operator on all of its Priva Blue ID systems.

The announcement comes in response to the current situation where  companies are increasingly asking employees to work from home as far as possible. In many cases this request is difficult to carry out, especially for building managers. 

However, with a suite a powerful digital tools which enable easy remote access and the appropriate operating software, Priva’s network of Partners – and end customers’ employees – can manage buildings from a distance. Relevant building data can be accessed from various mobile devices, thus enabling employees to work from their home office. 

Priva Building Operator – which was launched in the UK earlier the year – allows users to access their system from any device with an Internet connection (mobile phone, tablet, notebook or PC). There is no need for additional installations or devices.