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Popular Nor Ray Vac heat system relaunched with efficiencies to cut costs and eco impact

A heating system has been relaunched by leading manufacturer Reznor UK to give users greater control to boost efficiency levels and reduce running costs.

The Nor Ray Vac system, a gas fired continuous radiant tube heating system, has modulating burners for improved efficiency and control, provides better uniformed heat coverage thanks to its continuous radiant tube, with a filtered burner air inlet helping keep the burner head and components clean.

Boasting an aesthetically pleasing, bespoke appearance it can be tailored to suit building shape and size, while its NR40 rating means noise levels are lower than other systems on the market.

Offering a larger rated burner than before, it has more burners per fan which means less flue points. With a long continuous tube which can reach 84m, the Nor Ray Vac system can be used in rail sheds and aircraft hangars or other large open spaces.

Richard Leese, European General Manager at Reznor UK, said: “Reznor UK has always been committed to providing premium heating solutions combining comfort, efficiency, and reliability, so with the relaunch of the Nor Ray Vac system, we are taking these principles to new heights.

“Installation is quicker, it is easier to maintain and it is easier on the eye, all while maintaining the functionalities that make Nor Ray Vac an industry name.

“The Nor Ray Vac has been popular so when we put production on hold in 2022 we took the opportunity to simplify the system to manufacturer, ensuring we kept to its original great design.

“We are looking forward to building upon the system’s heritage by engaging with consultants, end consumers and contractors to demonstrate how the Nor Ray Vac system is tailored for both small and large buildings.”

The Nor Ray Vac System have been used in a range of premises including aircraft hangars, garages and showrooms, greenhouses, museums, factories, warehouses, distribution centres, sports halls and large retail outlets.

Its reliability and safety of operation meets the latest European standard for multi-burner systems.

Reznor UK is a trusted supplier of efficient industrial and commercial HVAC solutions, specialising in warm air heating, radiant heating, air curtains and more.

It is part of the most trusted worldwide HVAC manufacturer group, Nortek Global HVAC.

Operating for more than 100 years, Nortek works to a commitment to excellence and industry-leading innovations has set us apart.

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