Octopus Electric Vehicles launches new EV ‘transition bundle’ for fleet managers

Octopus Electric Vehicles has launched a new bundle for fleet managers to make the switch to electric driving as easy as possible. 

The Octopus Electric Vehicles Fleet Solution brings together best-in-class service providers to create a ‘transition bundle’ to enable greener driving. Switching to clean transport can reduce fuel costs by up to 90% and maintenance costs by up to 70% – but is often considered too “challenging” by many businesses. 

Working with partners Ohme, Alfen and FLEETCOR, the Fleet Solution allows businesses to unlock the financial and environmental benefits of EVs. The Solution overcomes concerns by helping managers select the right EV; smart charging solutions for home, work and on the go; and easy monitoring and management of charging spend. 

Octopus Electric Vehicles is showcasing the Fleet Solution with its partners at the Great British Fleet event on the 30th January 2020.

The Octopus Electric Vehicles Fleet Solution bundle provides full access to the Ohme Fleet Dashboard and FLEETCOR AllStar One Electric – giving access to an integrated network of charging at home, work and on the go. It requires an upfront set-up cost and ongoing monthly payment thereafter.

The Octopus Electric Vehicle Fleet Solution includes:

  • Impartial, independent advice on all pure electric vehicles 
  • Specialist finance and servicing rates with leasing companies set up to manage EVs
  • Smart chargers for each vehicle at home and work from Alfen 
  • Overview of charging data via the Ohme Fleet Dashboard
  • Full data integrating with FLEETCOR’s Allstar One Electric reports
  • A dedicated EV expert support line throughout the contract 

About the bundle

Octopus Electric Vehicles provides independent and impartial advice on the range of electric vehicles and works closely with businesses to plan their electric transition based on the business’ unique needs. Working closely with vehicle manufacturers and the most EV-friendly leasing companies, Octopus secures outstanding rates on the vehicles. 

The Ohme Fleet Dashboard is an app-based service designed to track and minimise charging costs. It allows charging and vehicle miles to be categorised as home, workplace or destination, enabling a suite of reporting functions as well as reimbursement of expenses for home energy use. The service builds on Ohme’s success with home smart charging solutions, allowing charging to be aligned with EV-friendly tariffs such as OctopusGo and AgileOctopus.

Ohme Fleet Dashboard also includes a web platform with a range of customisation and reporting features. This provides fleet managers with visibility of CO2 savings, charging location and charging costs by individual, by vehicle or across the whole fleet.

Octopus Electric Vehicles and Ohme have collaborated with chargepoint experts Alfen to offer optimised charging and reporting across a range of smart home and workplace chargers. Using open protocols, Alfen smart chargers are linked to the Ohme Fleet Dashboard collecting all critical information about each driver’s charging needs. 

FInally, the system is also integrated with the FLEETCOR Allstar One Electric reports, giving fleet managers consistent reporting on a range of public networks. A key benefit of this solution is that fleet operators can have full oversight of reporting for both electric vehicle charging and petrol cars. 

For more information www.octopusev.com