Northern Gas and Power and North Shields Football Club help NHS staff with drop-offs during COVID-19 pandemic

Northern Gas and Power’s staff with friends at North Shields Football Club (who they sponsor) have been working behind the scenes to ensure NHS staff receive toiletries and supplies to keep them going during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Carl Redhead, Global Account Manager at Northern Gas and Power first came up with the voluntary fundraising initiative to deliver cleaning products and hand creams, after hearing staff at hospitals throughout the region were lacking supplies.

Many staff required to clean or shower multiple times a day to combat the virus had limited time to buy cleaning products, due to long shifts, or were quickly running out. And many were suffering from sore, cracked hands due to excess hand-cleaning to minimise the risk of contamination, but had limited access to hand lotions.

Hearing of this, Carl, with Northern Gas and Power colleagues, his family, and friends at North Shields Football Club took it upon themselves to ensure supplies were delivered regularly across the region.

The drop offs at the Royal Victoria Infirmary, Queen Elizabeth and Cramlington hospitals have proved hugely popular with grateful staff, as they work around the clock to battle Coronavirus.

A spokesperson for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead said “We have had a large amount of donations delivered to our wards and would like to say a huge thank you to Carl at Northern Gas and Power, his colleagues and friends at North Shields Football Club. Staff have been hard at work and we are extremely grateful for this generosity, helping keep their energy levels up through a difficult time. This has been invaluable for staff and patients during this unprecedented pandemic and we appreciate all these gestures of support.”

Sean Craddock, Northern Gas and Power Team Manager, said “Carl has worked so hard to support our customers and other businesses in his day job and it’s amazing he has made time in the evening and weekends with his family and friends to fundraise for (and deliver) vital products to hospitals during Covid-19.  His family have contributed as have North Shields Football Club and members of my team and the wider Northern Gas and Power family have clubbed in too. What NHS staff have done in such a challenging time is amazing – it feels good to play our little part to make their lives a bit easier.”

Jonathan Walker, assistant director of policy, North East England Chamber of Commerce, said: “We have encouraged all our members to support the NHS wherever possible and this is a perfect example of a company doing great work to provide essential supplies to front-line staff.  Well done Northern Gas and Power.  I’m sure your help is greatly appreciated.”