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Mobilize Power Solutions partners with Connected Energy to offer closed loop EV charging solution

Mobilize Power Solutions, electric vehicle charging specialist and part of Renault Group,has partnered with Connected Energy to offer customers a solution to locate battery energy storage units at EV charging sites.

Connected Energy is one of the world’s leading suppliers of second life battery energy storage systems (BESS) and all its systems in operation across the UK and Europe are currently made from second life Renault vehicle batteries. The partnership builds on this existing relationship with Renault and opens up new markets for the company’s used vehicle batteries.

The partnership will support locations for EV charging which otherwise lack an appropriate energy supply. There are around 30,000 public EV charging stations across the UK but as the demand for electric vehicles grows, many more will be required to meet the UK’s charging needs – especially at workplaces and within fleet depots. However, an increasing problem is a lack of adequate power supply at sites and depots.

EV charging requires an electricity supply which is able to flex up and down by some 15kW to 350kW depending on the speed of the charge.  It is common for sites to have less than 50 W flexibility, the gap between energy supply and maximum consumption, meaning they are defined as ‘grid constrained’.

Siting a battery on site can often be less costly than a power upgrade, and in some areas, it is simply physically impossible to bring in additional cabling and electricity. 

In these locations, energy storage can bridge the gap, where it provides a buffer at peak times allowing the cars to charge directly from the battery. This solution has been successfully trialled in Germany and Belgium where two Connected Energy storage units are located on either side of a motorway balancing the grid between the EV chargers.

Battery storage can also be used to store any excess power generated from renewable sources such as PV. This allows the charging points to be powered by renewable energy, decarbonising EV charging for organisations and drivers.

Mobilize Power Solutions provides an end-to-end charging solution to customers that includes analysis of requirements, design, procurement, installation, implementation, maintenance and scalability. The system’s intelligent back office is able to track the grid load in real time and manage the battery response to overcome any grid constraints caused by peak loads such as EV charging. 

All this happens seamlessly from the customers point of view, but drivers and businesses will benefit from the fact that their vehicle could be charged thanks to the intelligent reconfiguring of used electric vehicle batteries.

Matthew Lumsden Connected Energy CEO said:

“Connected Energy has been collaborating with Renault for six years on second life battery energy storage technology and our system is a fundamental part of harnessing the circular economy to provide industrial-scale energy storage. This partnership builds on this relationship.

There is increased awareness of global supply chain issues and electricity grid supply challenges and this partnership addresses both of these in one solution.” 

Mark Dickens, Managing Director from Mobilize Power Solutions said:

“This partnership makes it possible for many more sites to adopt an EV charging station at remote and challenging environments as well as workplace and transport hubs. Our collaboration truly depicts the value of a circular economy and helps meet carbon neutral targets.”

It also marks a break-through in carbon reduction and sustainability credits, because the battery energy storage units supplied by Connected Energy each provide a positive carbon benefit of 450tCO2e for every 1MWh installed compared with a first life energy storage unit.   

About Connected Energy

Connected Energy is a world leading innovator of energy storage systems that utilise second-life electric vehicle batteries. The company’s E-STOR and M-STOR units have a modular and scalable design that can be adapted to control any electric vehicle battery pack.

Its systems can elongate the life of an EV battery pack by up to an additional 10 years and provide grid service revenues, solar optimisation, EV charging support, import capacity avoidance, peak shaving and micro grid balancing services. Systems can provide a positive carbon benefit of 450tCO2e for every 1MWh installed compared with a first life BESS.  

Optimal system performance is maintained through the Connected Energy Management Platform which provides customers with interactive management information.  Connected Energy’s portfolio of projects in operation and development range from 90kWh to 40MWh across the UK and Europe.

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About Mobilize

Mobilize Power Solutions are the authorised EV Charging specialist of the Renault Nissan Alliance group of companies, wholly owned by Renault Group. Launched into the UK in 2021, the company provides an end-to-end charging solution to their customers that includes analysis of requirements, design, procurement, installation, implementation, maintenance and scalability.

Built around open ecosystems, Mobilize Power Solutions provide flexible mobility solutions and promote a sustainable energy transition, in line with Renault Group’s target to reach carbon neutrality and its ambition to develop value from the circular economy.

Today, Mobilize Power Solutions is operating in 11 key European electric mobility markets: Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, the UK, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy and Luxembourg.

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