Micronics U1000 clamp-on flowmeter used repeatedly by water treatment and Legionella compliance specialist

WCS Group a top-5 water treatment, systems control and Legionella compliance specialist, which help manufacturers, commercial businesses, public organisations and maintenance companies find ways to manage water and water and air hygiene processes, are regular users of the U1000.

Tom Wilson, the Regional Delivery Manager was recommended to use the ultrasonic flow meter because it was non-invasive, meaning pipes would not have to be cut into during installation so that the day to day running of the hospital would not have to be interrupted. “At first I wanted a traditional meter but was persuaded to give the Micronics U1000 a try and I’m delighted that I did not follow my instincts because we have since successfully used the same meter in a Nottinghamshire hospital. We have to guarantee clean, safe water, fresh air and exacting hygiene particularly in a hospital environment and the Micronics unit helps us do that. And an added bonus was that the Micronics staff were very helpful.”

With 35 years’ experience in the market Micronics can supply or rent a simple to use portable instrument for the initial investigations to help build a picture of what’s going on and, as a next stage, they can provide fixed clamp-on solutions to provide the essential ongoing measurement and monitoring. The U1000 ensures that installation costs are minimal because the system does not need to be drained down to cut into pipes making it a cost-effective solution. It’s configured for pipe size so there is only nominal configuration required on site and its easy to follow menu makes it an ideal alternative to the installation of a traditional in-line meter. Additionally, there is no possibility of flow contamination and ongoing maintenance is simplified because dry servicing is possible, which maximises availability.

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