Make boilerhouse efficiency your focus for 2019

Are you a plant operator increasingly susceptible to budget constraints and pressure to reduce carbon emissions?
Are you a manager or operator needing new ways to increase productivity and boost bottom lines?

Authored by steam expert Chris Coleman at Spirax Sarco, the new quick-start guide aims to support you in understanding your plant or energy centre and discovering new ways to improve your energy consumption and boost your business’s bottom line.

“By knowing your boilerhouse and understanding the small adjustments that can help support efficiency, operators will be well-equipped to use their boilerhouse to its full potential,” says Chris.

“RO, for example, can remove 98 per cent of all salts, which in turn can reduce potential scaling and boiler blowdown as well as reducing water losses and associated costs for maintenance, water treatment and fuel. Our guide has been created to show operators how this, along with other simple adjustments, can really help boost boilerhouse efficiency.”

Find out how you can enhance boilerhouse efficiency and download the quick-start guide here: