IT infrastructure, cost saving, energy efficiency: Cloud&Heat’s trendsetting concept

21 Cloud&Heat2Data servers as energy providers for heating and warm water – this innovative, highly efficient concept is implemented by Cloud&Heat. As Cloud&Heat link server cabinets, which are distributed all over Germany, to a distributed network to offer cost-efficient cloud solutions throughout Germany, beneficiaries can be companies as well as private individuals, who do not need their own IT infrastructure.

The future belongs to the cloud: Cisco, the worldwide operating network provider, forecasts in its ”Global Cloud Index” that 86 percent of the computing and saving power will no longer be proceeded on local data servers but in the cloud by 2019. Not least since the Climate Change Conferences in Paris, the demands on energy efficiency and CO2 reduction increase at the same time. The Dresden based company Cloud&Heat, which was founded in 2011 by Professor Christof Fetzer and Dr. Jens Struckmeier, combines two mega trends in one innovative, awarded concept: by using the significant heat development of increasingly powerful data servers to heat buildings and by providing the server power for cloud solutions throughout Germany.

“We use direct liquid cooling of our servers, by which over 90 percent of the server’s waste heat is directly made available for the hot water circuit”, explains Nicolas Röhrs, Cloud&Heat’s Chief Executive Officer. The installation of the fire-proofed server cabinets costs customers less than a classical heating installation, the heating output is contractually guaranteed, and the maintenance work will be undertaken by Cloud&Heat staff. “In summer, the resulting waste heat will be dissipated to the outside or can be used for warm water treatment”, explains Nicolas Röhrs.

The result of the interaction of computing power and heating outcome is impressive as a sample calculation proves. By installing ten Cloud&Heat server cabinets, a company can save approximately 420,000 € a year: about 170,000 € heating costs as well as 250,000 €, which does not need to be spent for cooling the servers. That is an utmost positive outcome for the environment: It saves the climate about 3,100 tons of carbon dioxide.

Also, real estate developers reap sustainable benefit from implementing the trendsetting system.

According to the consulting company PwC, buildings, which are consequently constructed sustainably can generate 10 to 20 percent more revenue both in the commercial and private sector. There are also key advantages for data safety. This is because, in contrast to other providers hosting in the USA for instance, Cloud&Heat operates solely at locations in Germany. Data is always proceeded, encoded and secured at three locations. If one sever breaks down, others take over responsively with low latency times.