HVR Zero, designed to be lifetime carbon neutral

HVR Zero is a hybrid ventilation system that was recently launched by Monodraught in the UK.  HVR Zerosignificantly reduces the overall power consumption of buildings by combining natural ventilation, hybrid ventilation, low energy mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and heating. These are all precisely controlled with an advanced touch screen system utilising machine learning.

It is the perfect solution for new or refurbished buildings that require the benefits of low carbon natural ventilation with the additional capacity of boost ventilation at peak times and heat recovery during the winter time.

First of its kind; zero embodied & operational carbon

The system can be theprimary heating source for a space by including an integrated heating coilThis can be supplied with hot water generated by either a boiler or utilise lower water temperatures supplied from a renewable heating source such as a heat pump.

On the journey to net carbon zero, embodied carbon is an increasingly important consideration as it can contribute up to 60% of the total lifetime carbon usage. HVR Zero is the first hybrid heat recovery system of its kind with zero embodied carbon, this is achieved by careful material selection and through a carbon offset programme.  

Equipped with the new state of the art touch screen controller, the user experience is simple and intuitive, ensuring that it is suited a variety of applications such as offices, schools, healthcare settings and public buildings, whilst remote monitoring helps Facilities Managers to ensure that the system is running at optimal levels and are alerted should there be a maintenance requirement.

Visit www.monodraught.com to find out more about our Zero range.