Hilclare’s bespoke lighting solutions maximise energy savings

As companies look to improve the efficiency of their lighting by upgrading to energy saving LEDs, many are turning to Hilclare – one of the UK’s leading commercial lighting specialists – for a bespoke retrofit solution.

From its manufacturing facility in Manchester, Hilclare has the engineering capability to supply bespoke and fully integrated luminaire and lighting solutions. The bespoke service begins when its in-house product design team takes a sample of a company’s existing light fittings in order to design an LED gear tray that fits perfectly into the same fittings. Hilclare is then able to design and manufacture LED fittings that exactly match these requirements, and fully ensures that the calculation and execution of the project is accurate, energy efficient, and within budget. Hilclare is also able to create lighting design schemes too.

Chris Pearson, Managing Director at Hilclare comments: “Switching to the latest LED lighting in retail, offices, industrial and public sectors and especially retrofitting more efficient lamps into existing luminaires not only makes substantial energy savings – in some cases up to 60% – the lighting lasts significantly longer too; thereby reducing waste. However, for many companies an off-the-shelf solution is not sufficient. They need a cost-effective retrofit solution that will minimise the costs of conversion from older technologies as well as maximise energy savings, and that’s where Hilclare steps in.

“At Hilclare, we are experts in the planning and design of retrofit solutions for upgrading existing lighting to energy saving LED’s. Our experienced designers are able to help find the best solution for upgrading to LEDs whilst maintaining or improving light levels, and with minimal disruption to the aesthetics,” adds Chris.

He concludes: “For those companies that are under the misapprehension that the capital outlay required for a bespoke lighting system is beyond their reach, there are schemes available like ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowance) for energy saving technologies. By replacing fluorescent lighting with the very latest in LED technology, businesses can enjoy superior quality lighting that boasts efficiency above the regulatory requirements and that is around 50% more efficient than fluorescent tube equivalents. We are proud to offer a bespoke service that enables companies to maximise energy savings.”

For further information contact Carolyn Holland, Marketing Manager 0161 886 7190.

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