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Heat pumps – is the industry standard up to standard?

Leading Scottish University accommodation block switches heat pump to Rinnai Hybrid system

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One of the oldest and most revered of Scottish universities has up graded its hot water supply in a large accommodation block to incorporate a Rinnai Hybrid system which instantly rectified problems with an existing heat pump configuration.

The project originally began in September 2022 to provide all the hot water needs of the 102-bedroom accommodation block via a two unit heat pump system with a total output of 60kW. The specification was changed, as these things mysteriously do happen sometimes, and it was reduced to just ONE 30 kW heat pump. The result proved totally inadequate for the demands of hot water for the bedrooms, common areas and communal kitchen.

Rinnai was approached to rectify the issue – and redesigned the system. The optimal solution was decided upon after considering the practical, economical and practical factors of the site. Therefore, a Hybrid heat pump and gas-fired system consisting of two I2HY20 Hydrogen blend ready continuous flow water heaters – in turnkey package format – and including a cylinder and expansion vessel. The new system was installed in January 2023 and, since then, there have been no problems with the supply of continuous temperature controlled hot water demand 24/7.

Rinnai offer design support that considers the nuances of all sites and produce a solution that considers capital expenditure, operational expenditure, and carbon modelling.

Comments Pete Seddon, Technical Manager for Rinnai, “The original schematics seemed to have no real provision to maintain the water temperature within the system and this only came to light AFTER the original installation. It relied on storage temp and recovery. Plus, the added atmospheric conditions on site – the heat pump performance reduced working at an outside temp of just -5 degrees and, of course, Scotland does have some harsh weather in winter.”

The Rinnai Sensei N 1600i – gas-fired continuous flow water heater – is the first ever continuous flow hot water heating unit manufactured with stainless steel heat exchangers which offers a greatly extended working life at optimum performance. Added to this are the market leading extended warranties, that accompany these hydrogen blend-ready appliances. The Rinnai N1600i offers a more compact, enhanced combustion design that allows for easier installation, superior operational performance as well as ease of serviceability.

On site at this Scottish university the two N1600s are capable of delivering almost 2000 litres of temperature accurate continuous flow hot water suitable for commercial applications, the N1600i giving 954 litres per hour.

All the range is also low-NOx, and the futureproofed continuous flow water heater utilises Rinnai’s patented advanced burner technology with a 13-1 turn down ratio – the largest on the market – with extremely quiet operation. Integral controls on the units enable the water heater to achieve high efficiencies because of advanced burner control and high modulation ranges. This wide range of modulation means that energy usage is completely optimised as the water heater through smart inbuilt controls will only heat the water to the temperature required thus preserving energy.

Rinnai also offer a complete Technical Support Service to include a FREE design service that incorporates the ideal heating and hot water system suited specifically to the customer’s property requirements and demands. A hot water and heating system designed to the specific needs of any site or application ensures that savings can be made in purchase and running costs, as well reducing carbon emissions. 

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Rinnai’s  range of products include domestic and commercial heat pumps that offer immediate property decarbonisation. Rinnai is determined to provide UK customers with cost effective low carbon solutions towards residential & commercial hot water and heating provision.


  • Rinnai’s range of decarbonising products – H1/H2/H3 – consists of hot water heating units in gas/BioLPG/DME, hydrogen ready units, electric instantaneous hot water heaters, electric storage cylinders and buffer vessels, a comprehensive range of heat pumps, solar, hydrogen-ready or natural gas  in any configuration of hybrid formats for either residential or commercial applications. Rinnai’s H1/2/3 range of products and systems offer contractors, consultants and end users a range of efficient, robust and affordable low carbon/decarbonising appliances which create practical, economic and technically feasible solutions.. 
  • Rinnai is a world leading manufacturer of hot water heaters and produces over two million units a year, operating on each of the five continents. The brand has gained an established reputation for producing products that offer high performance, cost efficiency and extended working lives. 
  • Rinnai products are UKCA certified, A-rated water efficiency, accessed through multiple fuel options and are available for purchase 24/7, 365 days a year. Any unit can be delivered to any UK site within 24 hours.
  • Rinnai offer carbon and cost comparison services that will calculate financial and carbon savings made when investing in a Rinnai system. Rinnai also provide a system design service that will suggest an appropriate system for the property in question.
  • Rinnai offer comprehensive training courses and technical support in all aspects of the water heating industry including detailed CPD’s.
  • The Rinnai range covers all forms of fuels and appliances currently available – electric, gas, hydrogen, BioLPG, DME solar thermal, low GWP heat pumps and electric water heaters More information can be found on Rinnai’s website and its “Help Me Choose” webpage. 



  • 20% REDUCTION of opex cost,
  • 30% REDUCTION of initial cost
  • 15% REDUCTION in carbon
  • 75% REDUCTION of space
  • 85 % LESS in weight

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