G P Burners Launches Facile Range of Self-Regulating Burners

Swindon based combustion equipment manufacturer, G P Burners, has launched its FACILE range of fully automatic burners. The company claims that the new, state-of the-art models are the first self-regulating burners for industrial and commercial combustion applications. The patented FACILE burners feature innovative and smart technology to deliver ease of operation, faster commissioning, optimum performance, energy efficiency and reduced emissions.

FACILE burners independently and automatically set up plant parameters such as temperature, pressure and boiler power, as well as reacting to ambient variables including altitude and climate. The system recognises and adapts to all types of boilers and processes for optimum performance. These characteristics simplify installation and dramatically reduce commissioning time, compared with conventional burners. For the rare occasions when operator intervention is required, FACILE units have a user-friendly LCD controller.

During operation, FACILE burners have a proactive and self-regulating mass flow sensing capability, automatically adjusting fuel and air flow. The ignition point is burner determined and regulated to ensure optimum ignition. These features help to ensure inherently safe operation, optimum combustion and reduced energy consumption.

FACILE’s intelligent technology facilitates remote operation and data monitoring via PC, laptop, tablet and IPhone. Plant performance is constantly monitored and real time alerts are issued promptly, highlighting performance or maintenance issues. Depending upon the nature of the data, notifications are relayed to the relevant party, which may be the manufacturer, the installer or the plant manager. Operational statistics are measured against key performance indicators, providing an up-to-the-minute overview of plant functions and efficiency. These smart features also provide the resources for preventative maintenance regimes and remote system diagnostics, simplifying and reducing service management costs.

The FACILE range includes six LO NOx models with emissions of less than 80 mg/kWh (Class 3) and a power output range from 100 to 810 kW. Seven standard models are also offered with emissions of less than 120 mg/kWh (Class 2) and a power output range from 450 to 4100 kW. NOx emissions may be further reduced by incorporating an optional flue gas recirculation system. The company plans to add additional models, with higher power capacities, during 2019.

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