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Equity Energies launched by DCC Energy to advance the energy transition and accelerate the path to Net Zero

Specialist in Net Zero pathway design and execution will help unlock the value of energy strategy.

DCC Energy, part of FTSE 100-listed DCC plc, has launched Equity Energies, a Net Zero pathway consultancy to advance and accelerate progress on Net Zero while empowering organisations to unlock the commercial, environmental and societal value of energy management. This adds more capability for commercial and industrial customers as DCC’s Cleaner Energy in Your Power strategy is implemented in the UK.

Equity Energies, formerly eEnergy Management, is changing the way organisations approach energy strategy at a time when the reduction of energy waste and emissions and the acceleration of decarbonisation has never been so crucial.

The rebrand follows the acquisition of eEnergy Management via Flogas Britain – part of DCC Energy – in February 2024 and reflects the belief that the route to Net Zero is still unnecessarily complex, despite widespread appetite from organisations to move out of the target setting phase and turn their ambitions into action.

Introducing Equity Energies 

Equity Energies is not just another Net Zero consultancy. It offers a brand-new holistic model built around the ethos of energy equity; the concept that everyone should have access to the right advice, knowledge and solutions to advance their pathway to Net Zero, and the value that is created and unlocked when energy strategy is used as a catalyst for sustainable business performance.

Crucial to this approach is recognising that every organisation is different and will have its own unique requirements, so no two Net Zero pathways are ever the same. Through partnership consultancy and proprietary technology, Equity Energies provides bespoke solutions that cover pathway design, execution, benchmarking, and reporting, all underpinned by the data and insights gained through working collaboratively with each organisation on its unique pathway.

Overcoming a complex and confusing energy landscape

The mission of Equity Energies is to inspire and support organisations across the UK to overcome the unnecessarily complex energy landscape which they are forced to navigate, and the many barriers to Net Zero progress that still exist.

Key to unlocking this is democratising the knowledge, expertise and tools needed to create energy equity, so more organisations can take their first, or next, step to using energy strategy as a catalyst for sustainable business performance.

This has never been more vital, as UK organisations face a continued series of challenges that hamper progress, including;

  • The current political landscape. With the election process underway, businesses will be anticipating the outcome and any potential impact on environmental policy in relation to climate commitments and progress on Net Zero.
  • The prevalence of greenstalling. The continued proliferation of claims of greenwashing and contradictions in some organisations practicing what they preach, is causing many others to stall in their own progress, through fear of making the wrong decisions, criticism, and accountability.
  • Lack of knowledge and clarity on how to take the first, or next, step. The overwhelming amount of information and options available is conversely leading to many organisations lacking the understanding of how to approach the challenge at all, or in a strategic and sustainable way.

Decarbonisation through integration – Flogas Britain and DCC Energy

Equity Energies is the latest in a series of acquisitions by Flogas Britain that continue to enhance the DCC Energy portfolio in the UK, supporting the transition to lower carbon and renewable energy options. Customers of the group stand to benefit from our integrated offer, which combine to advance progress towards a more sustainable future, irrespective of where customers are on their journey.

Steve Taylor, Managing Director, DCC Energy Solutions UK & Ireland, commented:

“The acquisition and relaunch of Equity Energies is an important component of our own transition strategy, but this fresh and bold approach will also be a welcome accelerant on the path to Net Zero for so many of our customers and organisations across the UK.

“Reframing what has been such a significant challenge for so many into that of a powerful opportunity that improves energy efficiencies, reduces waste and increases generation and consumption of sustainable energy, will be a game-changer and help put the concept of energy equity at the heart of organisations up and down the country.”

Ryan O’Neill

Ryan O’Neill, Chief Strategy Officer of Equity Energies commented:

“With so much information on offer, it’s no wonder so many organisations have been drowning in advice, while struggling to define and decide what to do next. Greenstalling has been an unfortunate, if not unexpected, outcome for many.

“Essentially, Net Zero is not a project, it’s a pathway. Taking the right steps, however small, are what will combine to deliver Net Zero progress. That’s why we firmly believe that every Net Zero pathway needs to be realistic and not idealistic, to maintain business continuity and avoid disruption, all the while delivering incremental, ongoing positive impacts.”

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