Enzen delivers new smart energy lighting system to IM Properties

Project to act as case study for smart cities of the future

IM Properties is taking the first step towards a more energy efficient mixed-use scheme at Blythe Valley Park in Solihull by implementing the ZenLumen Smart Street Lighting Solution from Enzen.

IM Properties will now be able to monitor and control the park’s lighting infrastructure, detect real-time energy consumption and, if they exist, any operational irregularities. This will deliver significant energy efficiency, safeguard the public and optimise maintenance. In addition, ZenLumen, which has integrated and advanced telecoms and networking capabilities, will offer real-time system updates.

The solution will deliver significant lighting efficiency and is expected to reduce the park’s annual lighting energy consumption by up to 62.5%. Together, the companies are currently reviewing a sustainability roadmap, which may include future phases of work at Blythe Valley Park. 

Sanjay Neogi, Head of UK and Europe at Enzen, said: “Smart cities and smart clusters are the future. A fully integrated, efficient and sustainable development can have a positive impact on sustainability in the long-term besides the immediate energy and cost savings. We hope the new smart energy lighting system can act as model ‘living lab’ for local authorities and other business hubs as they plan their sustainable energy efficient ecosystems.”

Rob Hemus, Asset Director at IM Properties, adds: “We are currently reviewing our sustainability goals across the business and Enzen, as an occupier on Blythe Valley Park, was a natural partner to deliver a more sustainable lighting system on our mixed-use scheme. Their experience of delivering similar initiatives across 400 cities across the globe made them an ideal choice.”

IM Properties is one of the UK’s largest privately-owned investor developers. The company operates Blythe Valley Park, which is a thriving mixed-use community of 25 businesses employing 3,500 people and accommodating more than 750 homes.