ENGIE secures £90m long-term carbon and cost savings deal with Edinburgh St James

ENGIE will offer low carbon, affordable heat to all homes and businesses at the £1 billion mixed use development

ENGIE, leading energy and services specialist, has partnered with Edinburgh St James, the 1.7 million sq ft development, to develop and operate a new low carbon decentralised energy scheme, worth £90m.

The 33 year partnership will develop and operate a new low carbon energy scheme at Edinburgh St James, which will:

  • Offer substantial savings in terms of capital and operational expenditure;
  • Save occupiers the costs of onsite plant provision;
  • Serve all homes and businesses at the site with affordable heat and chilled water for cooling (where needed)
  • Ensure cost-savings and a low carbon footprint
  • Encourage sustainability and recycling throughout the site, by using electricity generated from the Energy Centre to supply power elsewhere.

 By using a low carbon and cost-effective energy solution through the onsite Combined Cooling, Heat and Power (CCHP) energy centre, ENGIE, who is committed to long-term consumer cost-savings, will meet all residents and occupiers energy needs, right on their doorstep.

CCHP typically has an energy efficiency of over 80 per cent compared with 56 per cent for a more conventional system. In addition, allowance has been made for expansion of the service into even more sustainable technologies as they are developed.

The new energy centre is a part of the Growth Accelerator Model (GAM) agreement between Edinburgh St James, the Scottish Government and the City of Edinburgh Council. The funding from this innovative partnership is helping to regenerate the capital’s east end, with ENGIE’s recent deal the latest in a series of projects that have already benefitted the local community and city as a whole.

Cllr Kate Campbell, Housing, Homelessness and Fair Work Convener, the City of Edinburgh Council, said:

“We have set an ambitious target of net zero carbon by 2030, so it’s very welcome that the Edinburgh St James development has plans for a low carbon, energy efficient scheme. The energy centre, which will be delivered as part of the infrastructure agreement with the council, will provide homes and businesses at the site with affordable heat and encourage sustainability by generating power to be used elsewhere”

ENGIE is anticipated to complete the centre in late 2019. The retail element of Edinburgh St James is set to open in October 2020.