Cutting business energy costs has never been more important

Reducing energy usage could see UK businesses save £6 billion – that was the headline just weeks ago, pre the pandemic we all face today.

In a state of lockdown many critical businesses still need power. Cutting waste and costs remains just as relevant – or even more so.

The main ways businesses can cut energy costs are:

  • Pay and use less
  • … And use smarter

Pay less for business energy

The latest price comparison technology can prove invaluable to businesses, helping them source competitive tariffs in seconds, 100% online, from their home. With Brent Crude futures price at drifting below $30 for the first time since January 2016, businesses can fix NOW to protect their business energy prices.

Use business energy smarter

Businesses can’t manage what they can’t measure

Do businesses know when, where and how their business energy is used and what it’s costing them? Often not…

Our ground-breaking, Energy Software as a Service technology is inexpensive and allows businesses to instantly monitor their energy consumption; identifying waste and cost-savings quickly.

While although energy management hardware is more expensive, there aren’t many IoT-enabled, digital energy tech options out there!

Our Alpha. PRO gives businesses real-time analysis of their energy portfolios and remote management across multiple sites from anywhere in the world.

Schools, NHS facilities, manufacturing plants, warehouses and engineering sites will still need significant amounts of energy to power their business, crisis or no crisis. We must not grind to a halt.

Being able to remotely manage this energy will be key to their on-going productivity.