Control Your Energy and Improve Your Business Performance.

Let’s talk energy optimisation.

Energy is the underlying component of modern life. But it’s also one of the most neglected and misunderstood. Despite being one of the major outgoings for most companies – very few understand what or where they spend on energy. But in a world of increasing cost competition, global-warming, environmental expectations and consumer demand for green companies – it’s time for change.

So, what is change today? Today, using the Internet of Things (IoT), we can connect our physical objects such as air-conditioning and lighting to electronic controls. And this means being able to do far more than switch them on and off. The IoT can produce an enormous amount of data – the challenge is to interpret this data and understand the insights that inform the actions that will provide energy efficiencies. This is where a product like Remote Optimal, from SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions, really offers an edge.

When your buildings talk – you can listen, adjust, and optimise.

Remote Optimal lets companies visualise their energy usage data and offers actionable insights, allowing them to make real, informed, analytical and strategic business decisions for the first time; decisions that can improve their entire outfit’s performance. And it’s not just about finding ways to spend less on energy, it is part of a paradigm shift in the way companies think about and see energy.

Taking your energy from a cost to an asset.

Money savings are important to any business, and controlling how much energy you use can reduce how much you spend on it – but there’s far more to it than that. Remote Optimal gives you in-depth understanding of your buildings or machines. And when you understand their use – you can often achieve a better result by running a machine less – meaning it will over heat less – and last longer.

Then there’s reduction in down-time. When your equipment is sending alerts to our Energy Management Centre, the warnings can be picked up, checked, fixed and dealt with before the machine actually breaks down. In fact, thousands of updates and tasks can be performed automatically and with up to 85% of issues being fixed remotely, call outs can be reduced to the most critical. Even when an engineer call out is needed, because they can see the issue remotely, they can bring the right set of tools and equipment to repair the asset first time. And, with Remote Optimal backed by SSE – a country wide network – our engineers are never far away.

Beyond a reduction in cost

As always there’s more to anything than meets the eye. With Remote Optimal, it allows you to drive your entire company performance. By digitising your building’s energy usage, you can truly understand and control your environment – making it a better working environment: somewhere that’s optimised to its purpose, allowing people to feel comfortable and act efficiently. And while that might sound nice; it’s not just a ‘nice to have’. In a world with ever more demanding business requirements and customers, this control allows you to create environments people want to be in, whilst also becoming a greener and more sustainable company.

Let’s put this into context

At a University Campus, during the daytime most, if not all, buildings are open to staff and students. Energy is needed in a wide ranging and almost constant way – powering computers, lights, aircon, security systems etc. Come the evening, most of the foot traffic is either in the bars (sorry to generalise) or residential and some areas of general thorough-fair traffic. With the right data you can understand where the traffic is concentrated and implement strategies for temperature and lighting, whilst also closing certain buildings at night to reduce energy wastage.

What are the potential savings? Well, the American Council for an Energy Efficiency Economy estimated potential savings of the IoT come in at 12 to 22% of all energy consumed. McKinsey suggests 10 to 20% energy savings.

So, is Remote Optimal right for your operation?

In short, if you’d like to do more with less energy; then Remote Optimal is right for you. Today, systems like this are commonly used by centrally-controlled assets like HVAC units and lighting systems across multiple locations, such as retail, grocery and restaurant sites. And they can be crucial to, hospitals, care facilities, labs – any place where the optimal environment is important.

A flexible approach

Whether you choose Remote Optimal as a fully-managed service or a self-serve application, it’s a flexible and powerful optimisation platform that can unlock savings, increase wellbeing and ultimately drive operational performance.

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