CHP: maximize power reliability, while reducing emissions and electricity costs, for any type of industry

Industrial cogeneration is the ideal choice for the combined production of electrical and thermal energy in many sectors, in particular for “energy-intensive” companies that require a significant production of heat on an continual basis, and use a considerable amount of electricity. Industrial cogeneration levers the benefits of the simultaneous production of these two energy carriers, starting from a single source – natural gas, and in an integrated system: the cogeneration plant.

The benefits CHP can provide to businesses are several: significant primary energy savings, up to 30% (and in some cases even more!), which mean cheaper bills, predictable costs, security of supply, a reduced carbon footprint and an additional income streams such a Capacity Market payments, Gas Peaking Plants or through DSR. For the adventurous, there are further income streams to be had from frequency response. If the plant qualifies for CHPQA, it’s possibile to get a beneficial treatment under the CCL.

The natural gas cogeneration plants developed by AB are ideal for many industrial scenarios. In fact they meet the expectations and specific needs of various companies in the manufacturing and commercial sectors, and they can be defined as a “taylor-made CHP plants”. The design and engineering of products take into account specific customer needs, organising the module parts to obtain an ideal plant engineering configuration. The first step is a free feasibility study, going through the check of available funding support mechanisms, analysis of technical performance of existing equipments and further additional income opportunities, in order to define a certain payback time.

The CHP solution developed by AB is called ECOMAX® and offers the following benefits: it’s compact, versatile and capable of delivering a high performance and the utmost reliability.

It’s an industrial product ready to plug, with a rapid installation and start-up, it requires no building permit and it’s also relocatable, flexible and scalable.

The ECOMAX® solutions may even be configured for installations within buildings through integrations with site installations or with the implementation of a completely new technological lay-out. AB has the skills and solutions dedicated to tailor-made installations inside buildings without the need of the module.  The design and realization of these plants makes evident the engineering know-how of AB in determining the optimum configurations and dimension. 

Skills to which is add the professionalism in managing the installation phase, even in the most complex conditions.

If the right choice of the most suitable tecnology is very important, the choice of the right partner is even more crucial.

Since 1981, AB has been at the side of companies seeking to improve their own competitiveness, saving energy and limiting environmental emissions. We build relationships with our customers and partners based on openness and mutual trust: we manufacture, install and manage systems as if they were our own.  Over 40 years of work, we have developed a know-how and a production capacity without equal on a world-wide level, which ensure the excellence of the plants, the maximum quality of both the installation and after-sales service. 

AB is the only manufacturer, with an industrial process able to internally manage the entire production cycle of the cogeneration plant. AB pursues the highest degree of innovation with determination, gathering knowledge, experience and technologies, in order to respond with advanced solutions to a primary need of mankind: energy. Contributing to the creation of a better future in the direction of an eco-sustainable system. 

The principal production and engineering research activities are concentrated in a modern industrial hub with its head offices in Orzinuovi (BS) Italy, spread over about 34,000 mq of connected buildings, where the production facility, engineering offices, service centre and management are located. 

To guarantee the plant best performance, AB offers the largest network of specialized technicians around the world: AB Service is in fact completely dedicated to the assistance and maintenance of AB installations. 

Over 90% of plants installed have a “Full Service” 24 hour assistance, 365 days a year, which provides remote monitoring of the plant and original replacement parts. The plant may be constantly kept under control with the activation of the diagnostic and remote assistance service, by telephone or web, thanks to the monitoring systems, that allows also to choose the best operating set-up, verify the operating conditions, determine the daily profitability of the plant.Our local technicians, in close contact with customer personnel, intervene in a timely and decisive manner. 

The benefits to our customers are: machine stoppages reduced to a minimum, a guaranteed payback time and maximum reliability.

A strategic choice which gives certainty in payback on the investment.