Battery Energy Storage Systems 2020

“Powering Britain for Less”

There was much talk in 2018-19 about how Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) were going to be The Future for big users of Electricity. The promise of meaningful costs savings, additional resilience, positive Climate Change credentials and synergies with On Site Generation are, in 2020, now a reality.

Leading the Charge of the UK Battery Revolution is Energy Optimisation Solutions, a modest sized company based in Surrey. EOS has several projects going live in Q1 2020 and a solid pipeline of deals in various stages of being contracted.

EOS, supported by , Total Data Centre Solutions, are able to deliver proven technical Battery Solutions often enhanced by low-carbon or renewable on-site Energy Generation to both the Public Sector and UK Businesses. Battery Energy Storage Systems coupled with bespoke On-site Generation is now known as “BESS+”.

The technologies employed are next generation, if unremarkable technology. I say this not as any sort of criticism, as EOS has correctly decided to employ solid, reliable, first class kit for all BESS equipment and for all Renewable and CHP equipment in order to ensure that they functions seamlessly for the life of the deployments.

Where EOS really does stand out, is it’s business model!

Imagine being a big user of electricity in an underfunded, cash- tight Public Sector Organisation. (Sound familiar ??? ) You, as Energy Manager, are constantly on the lookout for ways to reduce your spend on Power.

EOS has chosen to design, build, finance, own and operate BESS and BESS+ deployments for Public Sector organisations where the Public Sector can reap the benefits of BESS+ with Zero CAPEX and Zero OPEX.

Now this must pique your interest !!!

The agreements call for the Public body to engage with EOS to examine each site and its related power invoices over the last 12 months. Using some pretty nifty software, coupled with a review of the physical site itself, EOS is able to calculate the Optimal configuration for a BESS or BESS+ Solution and then provide the host with the details of the technologies to be used and the sizes of each of the main components and the savings that can be achieved. The savings can be up to 10% of your annual electricity bill.

Using these Battery Systems in clever ways results in Significant cost savings of around 20%. The savings are achieved in a number of ways, primarily through the battery supplying the energy to the site during peak times and recharging the battery during off peak thereby avoiding the expensive periods for importing power and through the avoidance/minimising of a number of the standing charges that are embedded in all electricity bills and which comprise a large part of the overall cost of an electricity bill. They can also be used to deliver a variety of needed Grid Services.

50% of the Audited and agreed savings are retained by the Public Sector body and the remaining balance goes to EOS to pay for building, owning and operating the Battery Systems as well as the financing, installation and maintenance costs.

The contractual arrangements are true off-balance sheet agreements and follow IFRS 16 Rules. There is normally a 10 year contract length for BESS deals and 15 years for BESS+.

EOS is currently looking for a select number of Public Sector Organisations across the UK to take them up on the offer to evaluate the feasibility of deploying an Optimised BESS/BESS+ solution on your site(s).

The key criteria to be eligible are:

  • Power consumption of Circa £500k or more per year
  • Space on the property to locate the needed equipment and agreement from property owner to provide the same.
  • Commitment to provide EOS with the last 12 months of electricity bills
  • Provide details of any existing on-site power generation.
  • Interest in District Heating/Cooling
  • The flattest decision making protocol possible
  • An agreement for the Site to act as formal/informal reference site for Energy Managers to visit in order to see the BESS deployment and ask questions regarding your experiences with EOS and the systems deployed.
  • Agreement with your Management that your particular demands/regulations in respect of IFRS16 and any others which may come into play for contracts to be finalised are met or exceeded.

There are 2 projects due to go live in Q1 2020, one outside of Edinburgh and another in Newark. There should be many others contracted and being built through out the year.

It is now 2020 and I think it was Lord Redesdale, at EMEXLondon last November, who provided the quote that 2020 is “ The Year of the Battery”.

He may well be spot on!

A lot of organisations are talking about delivering BESS/BESS+ solutions for the UK. EOS is already out there and doing it.

W: Email: Tel +44 77396 00047