Energy Champions Awards 2018


There are no qualifying criteria that need to be satisfied to enter the awards. All we ask is that entrants send up to 2000 words detailing the activities undertaken by them to reduce, by any means, the impact of their organisation on our environment. Please feel free to attach any images, graphs, charts etc that support your entry.

You can focus your entry on just one project, or on multiple schemes. You can enter as an individual or on behalf of your organisation, or both, as there are awards for both categories.

This can be a mix of projects such as: Lighting, Monitoring, Metering, Data Collection, HVAC, Energy Management Systems, CHP, District Heating, Voltage Optimisation, Renewable Energy, Energy Procurement, Boilers, Burners, Heat Pumps, Biomass etc.

There is no charge for entry.

If you wish to enter, please complete the registration form here as soon as possible. Your entry needs to be with us by 31 July 2018 and should include pictures and/or logos.

Please send your entries to

If this is not possible, you can mail them to:
Public Sector Energy Champions Awards, 42 Wymington Park, Rushden, NN10 9JP


Public Sector Energy Champion:

  • Education – Colleges
  • Education – Schools
  • Education – Universities
  • Emergency Services
  • Government
  • Housing Associations
  • Local Authority – Community  (for projects within and involving the local community)
  • Local Authority – Internal (for projects within local authority buildings & amenities)
  • NHS
  • Public Sector Energy Manager of the Year


The following criteria is a guideline you may wish to use, but the judging is not limited to it:

Innovation and Product Selection/Diversity
What various methods/projects have you adopted to make your organisation more energy efficient?
Why did you choose this route?

Results and benefits
What benefits have you gained? By how much have you reduced your carbon footprint? Are you offering value for money as well as a cleaner environment?

Communication and Partnerships
Does you organisation keeps its own employees informed of what is being done and why? Do you try to involve them in influencing and participating in your energy projects? Have you involved other key stakeholders, energy organisations and the public in general?

It will be entirely up to you to judge how to tailor your entry and what emphasis you put on different elements of it. Do not be afraid to highlight your strengths. Also, if there are subjects you feel of note that are not touched on above, please include them. It could be the difference between well-matched entries. This synopsis will be your only chance to impress the judging panel so make sure you use it well. Entries need to be submitted via email to by 31 July 2018 and should be no longer than 2000 words.
Please email your entries where-ever possible.