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Ralph Scrivens

The UK public sector estates is vast – estimated to value in the region of £700 billion. The operational cost of running this estate is estimated at over £10 billion per annum. Estates management is the second highest public sector spread category. The public sector estates is also a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the UK.
The operational running of such a vast estate is complex with a number of unique challenges. Until recently much of the estate was used inefficiently, not for purpose & not cost-efficient. However every government department, local authority, NHS, education body & housing association has now been tested with reducing their estates management costs & produce saving without diversely affecting the efficiency & quality of front-line services to their customers.

Estates & facilities management therefore is a priority concern for the public sector – not just in the estates it already operates but also in the design process & construction of new buildings – to the interests of those who can design & construct an asset with those who subsequently use it. This reflects the fact that ongoing maintenance & operational cost of a building during its life cycle far outweighs the original capital cost of construction.